The Darker Side

I have tried to avoid being stereotyped as a dark or twisted photographer.  I have slowly failed at this attempt.  My most popular work is on the “Darker Side” (hehehe), I enjoy creating this work because it is often made while my subjects and I are laughing and playing.  The final results are very eerie and twisted but it allows my models to have fun exploring the little bit of evil they have inside.  Some of my best work has been based on nightmares and actual killers that scare either me or my models.

I recently described to you a late night on location photo shoot that featured a “Tragic Couple” that posed for a variety of shots.  I made use of 2 people, and tried to tell a story that depicted their tragedy.  This second shoot featured a long time very close personal friend Brendon Slater.  He is a very talented actor that I had worked with on stage before; I knew that he had the right tools in his bag to pull off the character that I was looking for.

I met him at his home, and we first caught up on old times, we relaxed talked about recent projects that we were involved in.  I sprung it on him that I wanted to do a photo shoot that was featuring a Serial Killer.  This would be just a test run for a much larger project to be worked on later.  Now later is here and before I get started on my next project I wanted review some of these images and get some reader/viewer feedback.

This is not a complete story, this was a test run for a few ideas just to see what works.  I am going to be looking for a subject to be my “Full Time” Killer and then I will be rotating victims in elaborate setups probably on per month or so for a year.  This is going to go along with a book that I am writing about a serial Killer here in San Diego where I am from.

Any ideas and or suggestions are very welcome!

If you are interested in being a victim or Killer let me know and I will put you on the list!

(Enjoy the slideshow)

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